Key Topics Include

• Situational awareness, readiness levels, prevention and de-escalation
• Pre-assault cues – attack recognition and listening to intuition
• Criminal tactics, predator/prey dynamics
• Human Fear Responses – Freeze, Flight, Fight and Fright
• Reaction time – questions, thoughts and decision-making cycles that will cost you
• Everyday objects for defense – what the mind fails to see
• Moral dilemma – where do you personally draw the line? When should you decide?
• Legal issues – your duty and the right to use force to defend yourself or another

Instructor Bio

The instructor, a Registered Nurse and an experienced martial arts instructor, presents realistic and thought-provoking information to rouse awareness and resolve to survive. She attained a third degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate and has additional training in Hung Ga Kung Fu and Guided Chaos close combat/adaptive defense. In addition, specialized training in forensic examination, security, executive protection and reality-based personal protection tactics. As a Registered Nurse with Critical Care experience, she has seen the harsh realities and aftermath of behavioral disturbances and violent encounters.

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